Husky Research and Development Facility

Not only can the team design new towing equipment at the Elkhart facility, they
can also build prototypes with on-site fabrication equipment. In addition to design
and prototyping capabilities, the center has an extensive array of equipment to test products to ensure that all Husky Towing Products meet industry and national safety standards. The testing equipment puts the products through a battery of repeated actions to test rough road durability, through severe pressure tests to prove metal
and weld strengths and through extreme environmental tests to ensure proper
finish composition and adhesion.

Robotic arms are pushing, pulling and punishing a hitch system in one area as a
new model truck is fit with mounting hardware on the lift and another truck is being
hitched to a trailer for track testing. Our busy and noisy Research and Development Center is living proof of Husky’s commitment to lead the industry in safety, service
and innovation. It’s how we know “Rugged is Standard Equipment.”