Brute Power Jacks

The Husky Brute is loaded with features not found on some other power jacks. The Brute is powerful, with a capacity of up to 4,500 lbs. for Model HB4500 (3,000 lbs. for Models HB3000 and HB3000/2). It’s fast, with a travel speed as fast as 10 inches in 38 seconds. It does the job, with an 18 inch full stroke and 6 inch drop down leg (except Model HB3000/2, which does not have a drop down leg). It’s tough, with hardened steel gears. It’s secure, with weather protected switches and a water resistant enclosure. It’s versatile, fitting all A-Frame couplers. It’s economical, with a low 25A draw at rated load (HB4500) or 15A (HB3000 and HB3000/2). And it’s convenient, with three LED work lights (the most you’ll find on a power jack), a built-in connector storage bracket not found on any other power jack, and a 30A circuit breaker. Model HB4500 also includes a level.

Less Friction

The Brute is the only power jack in its price range that has a ball screw, which reduces friction compared to the ACME screw used on
some other brands. The ball bearings roll through the threads on the Brute’s shaft and nut.

  • Allows the motor to work less
  • Draws less amperage
  • Creates less heat
  • Reduces noise
  • Increases motor and jack life

The Brute comes in four easy-to-use models:

  • Model HB4500R, with 4,500 lb. capacity, 2-1/4″ dia. with wireless remote, and SmartStop™
  • Model HB4500, with a 4,500 lb. capacity, 2-1/4″ dia. (#87247 Gray, #88141 White)
  • Model HB3000, with a 3,000 lb. capacity, 2-1/2″ dia. (#87248)
  • Model HB3000/2, with a 3,000 lb. capacity, 2″ dia. (#87489)