Weight Distribution / Sway Control

Weight Distribution

A weight distribution hitch transfers weight otherwise concentrated at the hitch ball and distributes it more evenly toward the tow vehicle and toward the trailer, resulting in a more level ride with more control and stability, better braking, less strain on vehicle. Most towing guides published by vehicle manufacturers list a higher towing capacity for vehicles equipped with weight distribution hitches compared to towing on the ball without using a weight distribution hitch.

Husky offers a variety of weight distribution hitches including round, trunnion and our award-winning Center Line Towing System. Husky weight distribution hitches feature:

  • Unique design for reduced installation time
  • Open hitch head design for easy access to hitch ball shank
  • Hitch head with built-in sway control ball platform
  • Hitch head compatible with different spring bar capacities for maximum versatility and reduced inventory
  • Black polyester finish resists rust and corrosion
  • Lift brackets for safe and easy hitch hook-up
  • Interchangeable spring bars that fit left or right sides of hitch head
  • Assembly hardware and chains include

Sway Control

Where weight distribution addresses up and down concerns, sway control promotes stability by slowing side to side movement often caused by windy conditions & passing vehicles. The Center Line System brings a new level to sway control by suppressing movement and bringing corrective return pressures to bear to re-center the trailer. Other Husky sway control components can be purchased separately or in a kit along with the weight distribution system.